Driven, trustworthy and highly-dedicated partner with a depth of expertise to help leaders succeed in being the best at what they do in dynamic landscapes of building great companies, disruptive technologies and bridging happy customers.

Her experience coupled with her education (she is a holder of two degrees - Business Administration and Nursing - Cum Laude) has helped her produce the best possible outcome for every project she works on.

Prior to joining Expara, Lanie was involved in a US Telehealth Company where she was a healthcare manager with demonstrated strength in developing, refining and delivering comprehensive technical and strategic services to healthcare organizations.

She is a licensed nurse both in the Philippines and in Michigan, USA and she also had experience in patient care at hospital setting, banking, lending, retail and managing TeleHealth and Aquaculture businesses.

Joined: 18 Apr, 2018

Country: Singapore


Investing: SGD 1,000 - 3,000 — Tap the button below to submit an investment proposal to Lanie Del Rosario

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