Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

Yung Wu Contributor Yung Wu is the CEO of MaRS Discovery District, a Toronto-based innovation hub. More posts by this contributor To actually change the world, Big Tech needs to grow up From Toronto to Tokyo, the challenges faced by cities today are often remarkably similar: climate change, rising housing costs, traffic, economic polarization, unemployment. […]

This Store Sells Only Chess-Related Products—With Hopes to Win Over Millennials

The Chess Forum is a Greenwich Village mom-and-pop staple that has survived several rounds of gentrification. But how?

Rosé Prosecco Doesn’t Actually Exist—But It Will Soon

Producers and the Prosecco DOC Consortium are lobbying to loosen restrictions.

How This Wedding Singer Earns $1.5 Million a Year

Today’s wedding bands are ultraprofessional—even if they sing covers.

Week in Review: The one-way web and Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Hello, weekenders. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week, I offered up some mildly interesting takes on how Waymo was […]

German Winemakers Are Hoping for a Revival With a Return to Drier Wines

Producers and importers are seeking to regain their old reputation by a return to dry, age-worthy wines.

The new world of virtual banks: profitability will define success

The new age of virtual banks and how it can be more future ready Progressive regulation is creating open and collaborative ecosystems with both banks and customers moving up the technology maturity scale. With customer sentiment ripe for a new way of banking, virtual banks need to grow at scale, leveraging open, cloud-based platforms. While […] The post The new world of virtual banks: profitability will define success appeared first on e27.

3 ways to know if your startup is ready to go international

Can your startup function effectively in a global environment? It is virtually every company’s goal to go global, but doing so entails a multitude of challenges. Before you decide to expand your startup business internationally, you need to ascertain that your business is ready for it. How do you know if your business is prepared […] The post 3 ways to know if your startup is ready to go international appeared first on e27.

NASA’s Orion crew capsule is officially complete and ready to prep for its first Moon mission

NASA’s 50th anniversary celebrations weren’t limited to just remembrances of past achievements – the space agency also marked the day by confirming that the Orion crew capsule that will bring astronauts back to the Moon for the first time since the end of the Apollo program is ready for its first trip to lunar orbit, […]

Hold the first Moon rock ever collected with your smartphone

NASA is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing in a variety of ways today, but here’s one you can experience no matter where you are, provided you have a modern smartphone. NASA’s Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science (ARES) department has released a fully detailed model of the first ever sample of […]

This Distillery Is Releasing Its Oldest Whisky Yet—36 Years After Closing

Scotland’s Port Ellen Distillery closed in 1983. The distillery’s new 39-year-old release shines a light on the distillery’s past and its future.

How Mezcal’s Boom Is Helping Lift Its Makers Out of Extreme Poverty

Craft mezcal’s popularity in the U.S. has had a dramatic effect on some of the people who have been making it for generations.

E-Bike Sales Are Putting a Charge in the Fortunes of Bikemakers

The latest trend on two wheels marks a new era for the bike industry. Every few years, a new sensation comes to the rescue of a beleaguered U.S. bicycle industry. In the 1970s, 10-speed bikes from Europe sparked a boom stateside. A decade later, mountain bikes renewed the business. A few years after that, American […]

This Street Is the Perfect Place to Soak Up the Spirit of San Juan

Calle Loiza is undergoing a resurgence, post-Hurricane Maria.

How New Nashville Hotels Are Bucking the Airbnb Trend

A look at five new places to stay that are encouraging visitors to Music City to rethink their options.

Eat Oysters in New York City to Help Clean Up the City’s Waterways

Help this nonprofit clean up the city's rivers by digging in.

Bernard Arnault Just Became the World’s Second-Richest Man. How Did He Make His Billions?

Bernard Arnault started out in engineering, but he made his fortune with some of the world's best-known luxury brands

4 key capacity Increases that lead to business growth

Understanding how to increase and optimise several key components of your business can lead to tremendous growth In today’s business world, the ability of blue-chip companies to continuously develop new strategies to overcome their hurdles give them an edge over their competitors. Well, this same thing goes for startups. As a matter of fact, new […] The post 4 key capacity Increases that lead to business growth appeared first on e27.

How to enter the cloud mining market

A guide to understanding and entering cloud mining   If you’re looking to enter the cryptocurrency industry, then there are two ways that you can get this done; you can go to an exchange get your tokens, or you can make them. The “making” process has been described as mining, and it can be broken […] The post How to enter the cloud mining market appeared first on e27.

Taking a glimpse into agritech startups in Thailand

In the latest edition of our agritech startups series, we take a look into what startups are doing in the kingdom After Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, we are looking at agritech startups in Thailand. Like in many other Southeast Asian countries, the agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. A Bangkok […] The post Taking a glimpse into agritech startups in Thailand appeared first on e27.

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