4 Google Drive Hacks Every Asian Entrepreneur Should Know

These not so popular Google Drive features can help you get the job done in no time The post 4 Google Drive Hacks Every Asian Entrepreneur Should Know appeared first on inc-asean.com.

20 Jul, 2018INC-ASEAN.COM

4 Google Drive Hacks Every Asian Entrepreneur Should Know | BEAM

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A familiar work tool may not be too familiar after all. Take Google Drive, for instance. With the 2 trillion files stored in its cloud storage service and with its 800 million active global users, Google Drive has become a staple in people’s school, work, and digital life.

But despite being one of the most widely used business tools, most people are still unaware of some of its features and functions, missing the chance to maximize its full potential.

Here are some Google Drive hacks that can boost productivity:

1. Convert a text image to a doc file

Say you took a photo of a slide presentation or a document, and now you badly need it to be typed out in a Word document. Don’t worry, you don’t have to type it all out just to get an editable text file.

Simply upload that image file to Google Drive, right-click and select “Open with Google Docs.” An editable word document of the text image should be available in an instant.

The formatting will not be perfect, but this is much better than typing out a whole document from scratch. This method works with PDF files as well.

2. Organize folders with color coding

Files lining up your digital folders can be messy. Organizing files is a thing that most people neglect to do. But to save time and maximize productivity, a clean and organized digital storage is the way to go.

With Google Drive, you can sort your folders into different colors so you can easily see the correct files right when you need them. To do this, right-click a folder and choose a color from the hues available.

3. Research online sources on the side of your word document window

Google Search is seamlessly integrated within Google Docs. As a pillar of Google products, it’s only natural to have the Google Search feature within the document, right?

To use this feature, click the “Explore” button on the lower right side of Google Docs and let Google supply you with the right information without launching a separate tab.

4. Launch a conference call

There are a lot of add-ons for the G Suite apps. From spelling and grammar checkers to automatic bibliography and citation generators, these features are there to make school and work life easier. To see the available add-ons, just go to the “Add-ons” option on the upper part of the Google Docs window.

You may want to check out UberConference. It lets viewers or collaborators of a certain Google Doc file hold a conference call instantly, without leaving the document window — paving the way for collaboration to be done in no time.

The post 4 Google Drive Hacks Every Asian Entrepreneur Should Know appeared first on inc-asean.com.

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