BEAM introduces Weekly Tech Help 1-to-1 sessions.

To help businesses make the shift digitally by providing tech-related assistance.

BEAM 7 Jun, 2019

BEAM introduces Weekly Tech Help 1-to-1 sessions. | BEAM

In an effort to assist more businesses that are doing digital, BEAM today will be introducing Weekly Tech Help Sessions, providing dedicated 1-to-1 support for individuals on tech-related matters. 

Weekly tech help sessions are 2 hour (1-to-1 sessions) with the BEAM software (product development) team, who have extensive experience with developing and commercializing tech.

Tech Help focuses on dedicated 1-1 sessions to assist businesses

The sessions focus on a few key areas, aimed at assisting individuals:

  • Who plan to digitalize their business by building a website or app.
  • Who are struggling with an on-going product that's being developed
  • Who need a second opinion before engaging a development company / freelancer (budgeting, timeline, etc.)
  • Who need assistance with managing an existing development team (roadmap, goals, management, etc.)
  • Who are seeking guidance with putting together a team of developers.
  • Who Need help with product direction, strategy, and features.
  • and more...

Interested individuals can make bookings for desired timeslots via the following website.

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